About InwenTech

InwenTech Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based private company founded by Mr Chuan-Dong Wen

Chuan-Dong Wen (Wen) is a radiotherapy clinician and has held senior Radiation Oncology Medical Physics (ROMPP) positions at a number of prestigious hospitals.   Over the last 5 years, Wen has developed the award winning ChestPhan4D product to meet an important need in the radiotherapy market.

Wen with ChestPhan4D

We are a partnership based organisation focused on developing a further range of medical devices in the radiation imaging and therapy field.

InwenTech is in early commercialisation phase and are currently building our business structure and capability. We are offering our first commercial product, ChestPhan4D from January 2022. We are making this important product available globally initially on a made-to-order basis. 

Our team can undertake customised products and would be pleased to discuss customisation of our products.

A dynamic phantom would be of significant benefit to those physical scientists working towards optimising the imaging and treatment with individual patient treatment regimes.

The ChestPhan4D respiratory gating simulator product is vital in creating a true patient representation of respiratory motion, on which CT simulation, treatment planning and treatment delivery protocols , accounting for patient respiration can be defined, commissioned, trained and implemented.

I am very satisfied with Chestphan4D. The phantom operates robustly. No issues so far. I like it.