Cancer treatment in the chest region is challenging and difficult.

The goal of Radiation therapy is to use ionising radiation as an important part of cancer treatment used to control or kill malignant cells. 

For the success and safety of radiotherapy, it is vital that the controlled dose of radiation is delivered maximised to the tumour cells and exposure to healthy tissue is minimised. It is challenging to maintain the balance between those two goals when treating cancers, e.g. in lung and breast.

One of the significant challenges to the accurate targeting of this treatment is the natural patient movements due to respiration and heartbeat. These movements make the tumour harder to treat accurately.

The natural patient’s body movements due to breathing and heartbeat can be measured using advanced imaging. 

The InwenTech ChestPhan4D can then replicate these movements. This allows improved and personalised calibration of treatment methods for the specific patient. This improves treatment accuracy that is vital to achieve a more favourable treatment outcome.

ChestPhan4D in scanner

The ChestPhan4D in detail

ChestPhan4D is a “dynamic phantom” – it uses robotics to simulate the human thorax including respiration.

It allows a range imaging methods to model a specific patient’s individual chest movements due to respiration and heartbeat, in 4 dimensions (4D = 3 physical dimensions + time).

Used for patients with a wide range of tumours in the thorax (e.g. breast cancer and lung tumours), the ChestPhan4D is programmed to simulate an individual patients movements as an input to the planning for targeted delivery of radiation treatment to the tumour. This data is important to improve the accuracy of beam management during treatment. This 4D-enabled therapy improves the accuracy, efficacy and minimises negative side-effects of radiation therapy.

As well as assisting treatment, ChestPhan4D is also an effective productivity tool (QA and commissioning activities) for clinicians, is used for education of therapists and has applications in research.

ChestPhan4D in scanner

ChestPhan4D is a unique and much-needed device for high quality treatment of breast, lung cancers and others in the thorax region. Used with advanced therapeutic techniques such as IMRT, SBRT, 4DCT, 4DCBCT, SGRT and more, it is a user-friendly, independent system. It can be used on most and CT scanners and medical linear accelerators.

ChestPhan4D applications

In any facilities conducting 4D imaging, therapy of cancers and study of dynamic human anatomy, the device has the following applications: