Terms of Trade

Placing a purchase order with InwenTech Pty Ltd indicates awareness and acceptance of these terms.

InwenTech Pty Ltd retains the right of refusal to trade with any organisation not willing to accept these terms

Sale Conditions

  • By placing an order with InwenTech Pty Ltd, the customer is taken to have agreed to these terms and conditions

  • All orders must be supplied with a valid purchase order number

  • Purchase orders are accepted in writing only – by email or fax

  • InwenTech Pty Ltd currently provides products that are made to order. Prices and on an EXW (ex-works Incoterms® 2020) basis. Costs of shipping and local charges and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser

  • Potential purchasers should request a quote form InwenTech Pty Ltd. We will provide:
    • cost details
    • Manufacturing and expected availability times
    • information required for you to determine the shipping costs and local charges

  • 50% of the quoted value is required prior to commencement of manufacturing. Final payment is required prior to shipping.

  • Amounts due and payable are required within 10 days from invoice date

  • InwenTech Pty Ltd reserves the right to vary, suspend or withdraw credit should the account holder fail to pay all monies owed to InwenTech Pty Ltd on any account by the due date

  • Risk in the Goods passes to the account holder upon Shipment, but property in and title to the goods shall remain with InwenTech Pty Ltd until payment is fully received


  • Acceptance of a quotation from InwenTech Pty Ltd by either a purchase order or acknowledgement on the quotation will be deemed acceptance of the pricing quoted and the terms of trade

  • Acceptance of a quotation beyond the valid to date may require a price revision and a new quotation issued


  • InwenTech Pty Ltd accepts EFT Direct Bank Payment transfers and Cheques for payment of all invoices. All EFT Payments must be accompanied with a remittance advice, via fax or e-mail

  • Cheques or other negotiable securities given by the account to InwenTech Pty Ltd shall not be deemed as cash until cleared


  • InwenTech Pty Ltd warrants that the products supplied are free from defects in material and workmanship and conform to specifications

  • InwenTech Pty Ltd makes no other warranties, express or implied, including but without limitation, warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose

  • 24 month warranty provided with equipment will commence from the date of delivery to the customer

Best Regards

Tim Carroll
Chief Executive Officer

Last reviewed 28/01/2022